About Me

Keen foresight, enthusiasm for inventing creative solutions, and an engineering background keep me happily building, optimizing, and leading teams throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Formal education in business administration shaped my leadership ability, strategic vision, and adaptability to the unavoidable changes in industries, the marketplace, and the ways people do business.

Working with startups and well-established large-scale enterprises taught me invaluable lessons from both worlds.

My Services

I'm offering my services as an independent contractor/consultant on an hourly basis through a legally registered company here in Uruguay (Pyspring). I'm also open to long-term contracts.



Email: guillermo.colmenero A gmail
Phone (US): +1 929 223 5724
Phone (UY): +598 98 898 786
Radio: CX8BIT
Time zone: EST+1 / GMT -03:00 (UYT)

You can reach me via email to schedule a call. This tool can help you with the time zone math.

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